Larian Reduces the Xbox Release Date for Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox release date has finally been slightly cut down by Larian Studios, who also promised a major reveal at the 2023 Game Awards. The studio stated in a quick tweet that the Xbox version of Battlegrounds 3 will come sometime in December 2023.

“Xbox players, we hear you’re looking for more news on Baldur’s Gate 3,” Larian said in the post. “The game is on track for a December release. We’ll see you at The Game Awards for the World Premiere of the exact release date.”

Dec. 7, 2023, is when this year’s award event airs. If you’d want to cast your vote before then, The Game Awards nominees are available now.

The announcement was made over three months after Larian’s BG3 PS5 release, which took place one month after the PC version of the game’s release. The studio had previously stated that the reason BG3 launched late on Xbox was because of difficulties in getting split-screen and multiplayer gaming to work as smoothly on Xbox Series S as they did on Xbox Series X.

Although Phil Spencer, the president of Xbox, has stated that the company does not impose feature requirements on publishers, Xbox’s publishing criteria mandate that significant features in Series X and Series S be equal.

BG3’s multiplayer component is huge, thus the studio’s decision to postpone the Xbox release makes sense, regardless of whether Spencer’s regulations or Larian’s own meticulousness is to blame.

When Battlefield 3 does release on Xbox, it will do so with all of the numerous updates that are presently available on the PC version. One of the more intriguing BG3 romances, your connection with Minthara, is now possible thanks to Larian’s fixes for problems that destroyed hundreds of lines of character conversation and reduced entire questlines. Larian has also improved the performance in the difficult third act.

Most of the time. Still, there are some bugs.

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