A Jio cloud laptop is being developed; it would cost Rs 15,000

Jio recently introduced the reasonably priced, 4G-capable JioBook 11, upending the laptop market. According to a recent story from ET, the company is reportedly developing a second low-cost laptop, which it claims is a “cloud” laptop.

According to the article, the new Jio laptop, which is built on a cloud platform, is a “dumb terminal,” meaning it is limited in what it can accomplish on its own.

Instead, in order to fully utilize cloud computing, it requires an active internet connection – possibly with minimal latency. The service provider in this instance will be Jio Cloud, which provides both computing power and storage. On an HP Chromebook, the business is using a trial version of the same software.

cloud laptop of jio

It is also rumored that Jio may provide Jio Cloud as a service, which can be accessed from most devices, including tablets and smart TVs, for people who do not want to spend money on hardware. A monthly subscription plan will be available for the service; details will be finalized soon.

Contrary to the JioBook 11, the company’s first laptop, which is now available on Amazon for Rs 14,499 and runs on JioOS. The business is anticipated to provide a number of choices, including Windows, the most widely used computer operating system worldwide, for the future Jio Cloud laptop.

Benefits of using a cloud laptop:-

Cloud computing-capable laptops can significantly lower the initial outlay, which is estimated to be approximately Rs 50,000 in India. Furthermore, customers do not need to upgrade their hardware because they may dynamically select the performance they need. Compared to a standard PC, this makes the cloud computing platform extremely scalable.

All of this does, however, necessitate high-speed, low-latency internet access. Whether Jio will provide data plans along with the Jio Cloud computing subscription is another intriguing development.

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