iPhone SE 4 to Resemble iPhone 14, According to a Recent Report

The less expensive iPhone, known as the iPhone SE, may at last launch after a protracted wait. The rumors concerning the iPhone SE 4’s design have already begun to circulate, despite Apple’s lack of clarification on the matter.

Apple reportedly introduced its next-generation, reasonably priced smartphone in 2022. Though the iPhone SE 3 didn’t quite take off, there have been recent rumors indicating that its replacement could be revolutionary.

MacRumors reports claim that the iPhone SE 4, codenamed D59, will likely deviate from the standard iPhone SE form factor by adopting a design akin to that of the iPhone 14. The removal of the Home Button, which is consistent with Apple’s latest design decisions, is the most noticeable modification.

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According to insiders, Apple may modify the iPhone 14 chassis for the SE 4, keeping the device’s dimensions the same as the 6.1-inch model. The rear camera arrangement, however, is a crucial distinction. The iPhone SE 4 is said to have a single 48-megapixel lens, as opposed to the dual-camera configuration of the iPhone 14. This change requires the fabrication of a new backplate.

Because of its simpler technology, the iPhone SE 4 is anticipated to weigh 165 grams, which is 6 grams less than the iPhone 14. The source also states that, in keeping with the design decisions made for the iPhone 15, Face ID will take the place of Touch ID on the side button and the Lightning connector will be replaced with a USB-C port.

The iPhone SE 4 is reported to have the Action Button from the iPhone 15 Pro, a feature that is expected to be available for the full iPhone 16 series, which adds to the mystery. This puts the upcoming iPhone SE in line with the anticipated iPhone releases in 2024.

In the past, there have been conflicting reports stating that the iPhone SE 4’s design may be similar to that of the iPhone XR. Notably, divergent opinions from analyst Ross Young and well-known YouTuber Jon Prosser have revealed Apple’s indecisiveness regarding the design.

Regarding the release date, there are still unknowns. Although some reports indicate that the iPhone SE 4 could come in 2024, MacRumors claims that the device might not launch until 2025, when the iPhone 16 is released.

There is still mystery around Apple’s choice to launch the smartphone, which adds to its much-anticipated aura. The world’s tech aficionados are looking forward to official confirmation and an update on Apple’s low-cost iPhone assortment.

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