Best WordPress Themes for Blogs: Top 5

A blog is a fantastic method to exercise your writing chops, build your brand, and be creative. WordPress is the best blogging platform available (at least in my opinion; it’s what we use to operate the blog you’re currently reading). With the aid of one of the best WordPress themes for blogs, you may start writing right away because WordPress makes blogging simple.

There are numerous WordPress themes available. I’ve tried dozens of articles across my sites over the years. As a successful blogger on the internet, I know what works.

There are a few essential things to take into account while choosing a theme for your WordPress blog:

  • Layout: Pick a theme with a design you like. Instead of installing a plugin and attempting to make it work, choosing a WordPress theme containing a masonry demo is simpler if you want a masonry grid layout. Similarly, your WordPress theme needs to be responsive to guarantee that your blog looks fantastic on any device.

  • Post Formats or Types: Search for a theme to accommodate the media you plan to upload. Double-check that your chosen piece supports your desired content, whether simple posts, videos, image galleries, or quotes.

  • Social Media: Social networking integration is a feature of every decent blogging theme. Your blog and online presence will increase significantly due to social media marketing, so it’s critical that your blog entries be simple to share. For example, a good WordPress blog theme typically has social media “follow” widgets, header and footer links, and individual posts’ social sharing options.

These are only a few characteristics that I believe a fantastic WordPress blogging theme ought to have. In addition, a piece with WooCommerce compatibility, built-in ad spaces to monetize your blog, an autoplay option (if you’re thinking of starting a vlog), etc., may also be desirable, depending on your demands.

You’ll probably come across thousands upon thousands of results if you search for the best WordPress blog themes. So here is my list of the top WordPress blog themes to help you start blogging quickly. Enjoy, I hope!

1. Newspaper: A WordPress Theme for News Blog

Some people require a primary blog where they can display their portfolio. Others require a platform that updates its readers daily with fresh material, whether breaking news about their company, neighborhood, or others.

I’m referring to a blog experience where readers can expect a new selection of articles each morning when they arrive. Newspaper is the WordPress theme for your blog if this applies to you.

With good cause, it is the most popular theme for news stories. Any content or social media integration can be used, and it will all seem professional.

Novices and experts will appreciate how simple it is to utilize the Newspaper theme. In addition, the music is incredibly accommodating, whether you want to create a design that sets the bar high or gets set up quickly.

Add sound, moving pictures, and other elements to captivate your audience in only a few clicks. Furthermore, all your adjustments won’t cause your website to load more slowly.

Because the Newspaper is fully integrated with the Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) plugin, this is true even when readers use their phones.

All of your viewers may take pleasure in what you post as opposed to a sluggish, congested experience like you might obtain with another news-style WordPress theme. This is significant, given how much traffic comes from mobile users.

This won’t need to be coded, allowing your team to benefit from the theme. For example, you don’t need a degree in graphic design to edit photographs. Using a Newspaper theme, it’s simple to produce captivating, brand-consistent visuals that further your narrative.

Less work is required to ensure that your content, logos, headers, and footers work together to give your viewers a satisfying blog experience. Additionally, time savings mount quickly if you update frequently.

You can free up your team to develop by cutting hours from your monthly workflows using the Newspaper theme.

Despite having so many options, managing is still relatively straightforward. Gain control of your blog quickly and utilize Newspaper’s fantastic features, such as:

  • 100+ ready-made websites
  • More than a thousand pre-made templates, pages, posts, and sections
  • Endless sidebars
  • Display of live search
  • Review and rating process

With banner advertisements, Google Ads, and Adsense, making money from your blog is quite simple. Newspaper gives you a starting set of 14 predefined and five bespoke spots, and all advertisements are responsive. You can insert advertising wherever you like without interfering with your blog’s flow.

A standard license for the Newspaper WordPress theme costs $59 upfront. Future updates are free, and six months of premium support are also included. For $17.63, you may prolong sponsorship for an entire year.

There are many features included in the price, but you can be confident that the Newspaper theme will work with other plugins to enhance security, launch an online store, or improve SEO.

Start using the Newspaper theme right away to begin daily writing a top-notch blog.

2. TinySalt: A WordPress Theme for Food Blog

While food blogs are trendy, they might be difficult to build if you use a theme that serves many purposes.

You can achieve that without a doubt, but it will require much more effort. And chances are it won’t turn out as good as it would if you had just begun with a WordPress theme designed especially for food blogs.

That is what TinySalt is. It has all the tools and formatting options required to blog in this area.

With a standard WordPress theme, it would be challenging to style a recipe correctly; however, TinySalt has turnkey options that allow you to create this specific type of content immediately.

Your trickiest recipe should be broken down into a succession of easy stages. Where you think it will be helpful, include pictures. To allow readers to go directly to the recipe, have a button early in the article.

And it won’t take long to get everything to flow on your blog. First, you can import 12 demos from TinySalt onto your website. Then, combine and combine to provide the authentic experience you desire.

With the help of a handy filter, readers can swiftly browse your lovely blog or search through your recipes. Once they locate one they like, they may print, rate, and share it with their social network contacts.

Your site can automatically suggest related recipes at the end of a post if people opt out of a special dinner.

Don’t be misled by the theme’s Tiny name; it has excellent potential. You obtain:

  • 32 different blog templates
  • 10-template posts
  • Slider with featured recipes for your homepage

Additionally, it works with MailChimp, so you can convert your food blog into a newsletter to increase your subscriber base.

TinySalt has an affordable starting price of $39 for a standard license. Future updates and six months of premium customer service are included at that cost. If you require it, ongoing assistance is offered.

You may advance your website by doing away with the elaborate setup required for food blogging. Instead, get TinySalt immediately and stop cooking with inferior tools.

3. Olsen: A WordPress Theme for Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Olsen is the ideal theme for you if you are a lifestyle or fashion blogger searching for a place to keep your content within a focused layout with crisp fonts.

Minimal effort is required to create a very professional blog. Olsen’s power lies in its familiarity; you won’t break the mold with anything no one has ever seen. Readers will immediately feel at ease with your layout, understanding how to explore and share your material.

Olsen is the theme for anyone who wants their photographs to stand out next to their writing because it offers a musical and tranquil reading experience. Use more than simply words to tell a tale.

Olsen is customizable and the ideal setting to display your best work. A Featured content slider and an Instagram footer widget are two distinctive features this theme provides. Both components are excellent for introducing readers to your work.

The featured content slider differs slightly from the standard featured content add-on in some ways. With this component, you can choose six posts or photos to display at the top of your blog. The left or right arrows on this slider allow the reader to move the slider.

No other theme on this list includes the Instagram bottom widget, making it exclusive. This is the ideal add-on for a fashion or lifestyle blogger who wishes to display their images. It shows the device at your site’s base and your single largest row of most recent Instagram posts.

Starting with Olsen is free right now. Olsen Pro is only $34.30 for an entire year when upgraded. A Club Membership option also costs only $48.30 and allows you access to many additional themes and plugins.

4. Astra: A Multipurpose Theme for WordPress Blog

Astra is a flexible WordPress theme that is excellent for blogging. Whatever your interest or specialty, Astra has a template to suit it.

Complete page builder compatibility, WordPress Gutenberg support, and a professional customer support staff are provided. In addition, modern, feature-rich, and usable designs are used.

Choose a design you prefer, install Astra and the Starter Template plugin, make any necessary adjustments, and launch. It’s just that simple! The subject is also quite adaptable. Start from scratch when creating a website or make changes to a Starter Template. The theme comes with all of the tools.

Astra’s free version gives users access to several blogging WordPress themes and customization features. However, access to even more articles, expensive tools and plugins, cutting-edge functionality, and priority support are all included with premium versions.

There aren’t many better themes to use than Astra, regardless of your blog type! So get Astra immediately and get started with your blogging journey.

5. The Fox: A WordPress Theme for Stylish Blog

The Fox WordPress theme makes it simple to create a chic blog. Some numerous built-in features and settings allow you to customize your site on this platform designed exclusively for blogs and magazines.

Utilize the numerous live Customizer tools to select custom colors, fonts, and even layouts (there are 11 presets and a drag & drop functionality). There is no need for a prominent page builder because everything is included in the theme. Or use a demo to get going right now. Then, to create a website that appears just as beautiful as the New Yorker, Elle, Gizmodo, or another informational site, choose from one of 12 pre-styled samples.

The Fox is a tool that makes it simpler to write blog entries. In addition to making the theme compatible with Gutenberg, the developers added significant reading progress indicators and generated six post layouts and seven gallery styles.

Additionally, it is simple to translate because of Polylang compatibility. Additionally, monetizing your blog is simple if you ever decide to do so. Numerous built-in ad spaces for banners or Adsense are available, and WooCommerce is supported so that you may create your store.

Final Words About the WordPress Theme for Blogs

It’s challenging to run a profitable WordPress blog. A good theme is quite helpful. You must be aware of your blogging niche when selecting a theme. Themes with unique features, layouts, and designs are needed for various places. I’d advise making a list of your most sincere interests and starting there. Here I share a list of the best WordPress themes for blogs.

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